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This site has been retained online purely as an archive of the projects undertaken during whilst Tesseract Research Laboratories were active (1997 - 2004). It does not necessarily reflect the current views or activities of its authors. For more information please see our FAQ..


Tesseract design and construct unusual and beautiful screen sculptures designed for events and spaces. Some of these screen sculptures have been especially constructed for one-off events such as Video Combustion and X|Media|Lab. Others are produced on commission as part of a theatre or multimedia project. Consequently Tesseract have a large number of screens, sculptures and installations available for presentation or hire, and have excellent knowledge of materials that may be used for impact and effect in conjunction with light and projection; and their safety and rigging requirements.

Tesseract are interested in transcending the limitations of the screen's rectangular frame and have planned many structures which are more sculptures than screens, creating architectural forms or performance spaces.

Some of the screen sculptures are available for hire or installation; others are shown at our own events, or produced on commission. The most recent screen sculpture design was installed at the Museum of Contemporary Art at the X|Media|Lab Conference Day.