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This site has been retained online purely as an archive of the projects undertaken during whilst Tesseract Research Laboratories were active (1997 - 2004). It does not necessarily reflect the current views or activities of its authors. For more information please see our FAQ.


tesseract research laboratories - home page of Tesseract Research Laboratories, live video performers and installation artists.

video combustion - an audiovisual theatre project in development by Tesseract Research Laboratories and the vidi-yo nexus.

vidi-yo network - an Australian network of video artists.

projectroom - a community of artists and supporters, connected by the projectroom domain.

vj central - an online community of VJs

electrofringe - Australian electronic arts festival

eyecandy - an online forum for VJs

metro screen - digital media training and support facility in Sydney, NSW

clan analogue - Australian electronic artists network



Australian Network for Art & Technology
National Association for the Visual Arts
Metro Screen: screen culture organisation
Digital Salon: meeting place for the digital creatives in Sydney (via Metro Screen)
Audiovision: Australian mailing list for audiovisual artists
Liquid Labrynth crew
Imperial Slacks
Jaqilen Pascoe