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This site has been retained online purely as an archive of the projects undertaken during whilst Tesseract Research Laboratories were active (1997 - 2004). It does not necessarily reflect the current views or activities of its authors. For more information please see our FAQ.


Note that some of these articles have been moved and links will take you outside the Tesseract site.

Intentional (Mis)Use of AV Technology. Background information on some of the motivations and ideas behind Video Combustion and other vidi-yo projects. Written by Cindi Drennan, August 2002.

'Dawn of the VJ - Knocking down the walls between club and cinema.' Review of a VJ seminar held at metro screen. Written by Cindi Drennan in February 2002.

Aesthetics of Underscan: Resolution Artefacts as art. Useful reference for anyone wanting to work out the difference between underscan and overscan, or buy a scan line converter. Written by Cindi Drennan, Dec 2001.

Three-d World Interview 2001. Gives a bit of snapshot of where we were in May 2001.

In the mix Interview 2001. Nov 2001

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