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Kooky Carousel: Pride NYE Wednesday 31st December 2003
Live VJ show and visual installations at the Pride NYE party, held at City Live, Fox Studios.

The River Skaters Throughout November, 2003
Worked in collaboration with theatre director Sally Sussman to workshop a showing of the new work "River Skaters", incorporating imagery by Tesseract.

Illuminart at the Marrickville Arts Night Thursday 13th November 2003
Annual Arts celebration in Marrickville Council District at which the winner of the Taiwanese Arts Exchange was announced; event design and illuminated arts presented by Tesseract Research Laboratories and Liquid Layrinth in collaboration. The event includes a lightshow featuring the work of local Marrickville artists, video by Taiwanese artist Austin Wang, and installation design by Cindi Drennan. [more info]

Halloween : the Baggsmen CD Launch Friday 31st October 2003
A halloween massacre, horrible ghouls and ghosts, macrabre spectacles... and funky stuff by the Baggsmen who launched their new CD at the Gaelic Club, Devonshire Street accompanied by live visual mixup by <tesseract>.

AVIT UK 23rd to 26th October, 2003
A festival for VJ's and Audio Visual art, held in Brighton UK in October 2003. Tesseract Research Laboratories participated with presentations "Multi-Screen Mayhem: Exploring Collaborative VJing", "Visual Jockey" and live performance in the MassJam by Justin Maynard.
This project was assisted by the Conference and Workshop Fund of ANAT, the Australian Network for Art and Technology, a devolved grant program of the Australia Council, the Federal Government's Arts Funding and Advisory Body. Our thanks also to AVIT UK for their support to attend.

Dances of Ecstasy Saturday 11th October 2003
Launch of a new film by Michelle Mahrer and Nicole Ma, "Dances of Ecstasy". A sensory journey into the world of ecstasy experienced through rhythm, dance and music... launch presentation at Seymour centre 9 PM followed by live visual performance and installation by Tesseract Research Laboratories.

Time Space Place 2: Tech Support 21 Sept - 5 Oct 2003
Justin Maynard provides technical support to Time_Place_Space 2, an intensive hybrid performance laboratory held at Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga, NSW from 21 Sept - 5 Oct 2003.

Launch of Rugby Live Wednesday 17th September 2003
Creation and Presentation of launch video for NSW Premiers Dept.

Transmission (7th Birthday) Saturday 6th September 2003
perform an all-night live VJ show at the Transmission dance party at Sydney Arena. More info at www.transmission.net.au

Launch of Titanic Documentary at IMAX Tuesday 2nd September 2003
Presented at IMAX theatre, featuring archival imagery (including scenes from Mawson's expedition to Antarctica) in a live visual show to launch the new James Cameron documentary "Ghosts of the Abyss" about the Titanic shipwreck.

Australian Business and Arts Foundation Awards Thursday 7th August 2003
Working in collaboration with Gruchy Productions to create a live / interactive visual installation in the arrivals hall of the venue (Wharf 8 at Pyrmont).

Baggsmen VS The Bird Saturday 2nd August 2003
Funky, breaks and beats night at the Gaelic Club on Devonshire Street in the city. Artists Hermitude, Baggsmen, The Bird and Deep Child. Imagery from around the city and eclectic urban mixes, plus lots of live camera & realtime SFX of Ben, Bobby Singh on drums.

TUTU Saturday 26th July 2003
The Australian Ballet bodytorque presented original tutus by seventeen of Australia's most celebrated designers, accompanied by original live visuals prepared for the event. The installation, in The Studio at the Sydney Opera House, included tulle and brocade projection screens.

X|Media|Lab 7th -12th June 2003
<tesseract> were invited to participate in the X|Media|Lab as resident artists and to develop an installation to enliven the conference space. The artists designed and constructed a screen sculpture installation and performed live, to enhance the Foundation Hall conference space at the Museum of Contemporary Art. [more info]

Message Sticks : Wicked Beat Sound System & Frank Yamma 29th-31st May 2003
Live performance and installation design by <tesseract>, to accompany a new show by WBSS in the Studio, Sydney Opera House as part of their annual indigenous arts program "Message Sticks".

Transmission (Live) Saturday 24th May 2003
Dance Party at Sydney Arena, featuring a full live set by electronic music acts, DJs and supporting visuals by . First dance party experience by our trainee, Heidi Cox. www.transmission.net.au

Inquisition XI Saturday 24th May 2003
Design of special video projection / installation at the City Live venue at Fox Studios; Installation of industrial rig; Live presentation of specially prepared imagery for the annual Sydney Gay Leather Pride event. Special guest: Bent McRent.

Inner Wheel April 2003
Produced a Television Commercial for Inner Wheel Australia.

.Lucid Saturday 15th March 2003
Live performance and installation by <tesseract> and friends McRent / 4th Dimension, in support of charity event Lucid. Feature outdoor space at Manning Bar, Sydney University.

French Film Festival Launch Tuesday 11th March 2003
Live presentation of specially prepared french and filmic themed imagery, held at Minc Bar in Sydney. DJing by Eric Sarrat, and remixed french movies by .

Noise Festival Launch Thursday 6th March 2003
Opening event for the Noise Youth Arts festival, held at Mars Lounge, Sydney. Included special image commission, cut up of "noise tv" footage.

Mardi Gras Party Saturday 1st March 2003
Live video performance at the huge dance party held at Fox Studios, Sydney.

Transmission (Anthem Evolution 3) Saturday 15th February 2003
all systems go, at Sydney Arena. Don't forget to check out the write up on inthemix.com.au ("mind boggling visuals" indeed!)

Dance tracks 5 "Gender Offender" 14th & 15th February 2003
Video Concept, Content and Compile for the Dance Tracks 5 performances at The Studio at the Sydney Opera House.

Nokia N-Gage Launch Wednesday 5th February 2003
A corporate launch, organised by Visual Event Management, for the new Nokia N-Gage gaming deck. The launch was held at White Bay Power Station at Balmain, an intriguing old building illuminated by fantastic lighting design especially for the event. <tesseract> were commissioned to create a special launch video, and also performed a live VJ show throughout the night. We also had the opportunity to explore the Power Station during the day... quite impressive!

Big Day Out 2003 Saturday 25th January 2003
<tesseract> live visuals in the Boiler Room, bracketing performances by Kraftwerk and Underworld. Accompanying sets by DJ PHIL K - 6.30 - 7.15, DJ LUKE SLATER - 7.15 - 8.30, DJ DARREN PRICE - 9.45 - 10.30