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Liquid Labyrinth NYE Adventure 30th Dec 2002 to 2nd Jan 2003
Glenworth Valley NYE performance and installations. "Butterfly" screens on the main stage, and an impromptu lightscape of many projectors, on the liquid labyrinth spiral installation designed by Edward Horne.

James Bond Movie Launch Wednesday 11th December 2002
Launch of "Die Another Day" at Crown Casino, featuring 360 degree surrounding projections of James Bond movie themes. Images were created especially for this event, including ice textures, and silhouettes in the Bond titles style, featuring aerialist Zoe Ellis.

Outback Eclipse Festival 3rd to 6th December
<tesseract> travelled to Lyndhurst South Australia for the solar eclipse on 4th December 2002. Performed live VJ sets on three nights on the main stage at the festival, featuring some archival images filmed in the area by Cindi Drennan about 15 years previously.

Dance Tracks #4 November 15th and 16th
Live dance and electronic music event at The Studio, at the Sydney Opera House. <tesseract> presented a three-screen triptych (3x5m screens) each with their own stream of material prepared especially for the event; Video material was created for sets by DJs endorphin, BNX; dancer Paul Capeiro, performers Fondue Set, hula-hoopist Kareena Oates and aerialist Zoe Ellis.

Oaks Club Fashion Parade Wednesday 6th November 2002
A fabulous springtime racing carnival event in Melbourne were wowed by fashion of the future, live camera plus nine huge flower sculptures displaying lush full screen video art performed live for the full three hour show. <tesseract> video produced especially for the event included psychedelic flowers, horse imagery and abstracted racing imagery.

Out of Knowware Saturday 19th October 2002
A Rif Productions event featuring Mark Allen on decks, a huge(!!!) PA, bold decor by Pod People and sculptural screens filled with mesmerising tesseract visuals. We took the Fairlight CVI out on a little excursion for this event.

Adam Freeland Friday 11th October 2002
Whilst in Melbourne, <tesseract> played with 2loops at the Adam Freeland gig in the Prince of Wales Hotel, using their trusty MX-1 (there's so much history in that mixer!) and a nice stack o' monitors.

HardwareHouse Monday 7th October 2002
<tesseract> didn't perform at this gig, but as Electrofringe Technical Director, Justin looked after the rig in the main room, helped out with the Dirty Slut set and filled in for the the graveyard 5am-7am shift.

Electrofringe 2002 5th - 9th October
Electrofringe brought in Justin Maynard to act as the Technical Director for the festival, coordinating tech requirements for panel sessions and events, and working with international guests including The Light Surgeons (UK) and John DeKron (Germany).

Astrophysia Saturday 21st September 2002
Bush Party near Colo Heights, featuring our custom made Diamond Kite screen. Perhaps most memorable for meeting a doofer all the way from the states, wearing fluffy fleuro pants. Always meet interesting characters at the small shows!

Transmission (6th Birthday) Saturday 7th September 2002
Transmission's 6th Birthday featuring visuals on hexagonal screens, and three DJs performing simultaneously using "hexadex technology".

Red Alert Saturday 3rd August 2002
Techno party at the Dendy saw <tesseract> deployed the same setup as seen at the OutBack Eclipse Launch but with a lighter crowd much fun was had with projectors, smoke machines, camera feedback and the audience.

Bastille Day Party 2002 Saturday 13th July 2002
Video installation and design for the Alliance Francaise, to convey an intimate rendezvous with live vision mixing of specially prepared material. This event also required installation at the Sydney Town Hall.

Outback Eclipse Launch Party Saturday 13th July 2002
A clever surround screen installation at the Dendy Martin Plaza, featuring live mixing of outback and solar imagery to warm everyone up for the trek to see the eclipse in December.

Out The Back 9th July - 11th August 2002
A video installation commissioned by the Sydney Opera House for the Studio Foyer, featuring archival material collected in Outback South Australia, and an industrial sculpture created in collaboration with Drew Halyday. [more info]

Abiku Friday 5th July 2002
Live mixing performance at the Katoomba monthly club. Our congratulations to Aaron and friends for putting on a great night up in the mountains.

Squirm Sunday 30th June 2002
A daytime afterparty, enhanced by the tesseract visual archive. Organised by the Tribot collective and held at Newtown Neighbourhood Centre.

Video Combustion *Alpha Release Saturday 22nd June 2002
Live multi-disciplinary perfrormance and installation featuring many of Sydney's leading video artists and audiovisual acts performing live in a choreographed multi-stream multi-screen collage. A TRL & vidi-yo event. more info.

Bloomsday (James Joyce Luncheon) Friday 14th June 2002
Live visual performance support at the James Joyce foundation fundraising luncheon.

WinterSlut Winter Residency 2002
Fortnightly TRL multimedia contributions to a cosy club event, visuals by Justin Maynard (tesseract boy).

Cave Clan Golden Torch Awards Saturday 8th June 2002
The annual awards ceremony for the secretive clan who like to explore drains, tunnels, and the hidden history found underground. Projecting visuals onto a concrete bunker was a highlight of this unusual evening. The cave clan donated documentary footage of "draining" to the catalogue.

Garden of Light Saturday 13th April 2002
Visual Installation for a healing ceremony and bush gathering at Belangelo organised by trancendance. The healing aspect, intended to cleanse the site of a painful past, was performed by a crystal bowl singing ceremony. It was followed by a trance music night which featured visuals and the diamond kite installation by .

EcoSlut3: Let's get Dirty 22nd & 23rd March 2002
A fundraising event for a bush regeneration project, held near Goulburn. Perfect weather, perfect venue... we had a fabulous time! More info about ecoslut

French Film Festival Wednesday 6th March 2002
Visual Installation for the Alliance Francaise to open launch the French Film Festival, held at Kinselas Club in Paddington. The installation featured a montage of slides and video projection collaged and bounded across mirrors and walls. Fantastic french movies provided by the French film library.

Trickster: visual jamming masterclass 26th-28th February 2002
Held during the Adelaide Fringe festival, trickster explored the convergence of analogue and digital techniques, offering both a structured environment, for critique and development of individual participant's work, and a collaborative environment for play and experimentation. VJs came from around Oz, it was the land of the Pizmos! Organised by ANAT and inCube. More info and reviews.

F*CK fashion Saturday 16th February 2002
Visual Installation for a mardis-gras event that combined fetish, fashion, and dance music. Our contribution was a video piece featuring latex costume and figure projection.

Sydney Opera House Studio Launch Thursday 31st January 2002
Commissioned to produce a short introductory video for the launch of the studio program for the first half of 2002. Special animations and sequences were produced featuring the "opera house dancer", who has since become an icon for The Studio.

Big Day Out 2002 Saturday 26th January 2002
We performed two live sets in the BDO boiler room: DJ Sean Quinn 3.15 - 4.15PM and Kosheen 4.15 - 5.00. Big Day Out is an enormous event with thousands of people filling the boiler room alone.