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Liquid Labyrinth NYE Adventure Monday 31st December 2001
Originally planned for Glenworth Valley, immense sydney bushfires meant thet the entire event had to be moved to an inner city venue. Many of the planned installations were moved and re-rigged to fit an entirely different space: an old warehouse film studio. Our contribution to the event included a twenty minute retrospective video showing the diverse liquid labyrinth bush events that we have participated in since 1997... sparking many cheers of recognition from audio and crew.

Sun Project Saturday 8th December 2001
Sun Project toured to Australia and played at this kickin' Sega world party organised by Paradox, Artcore and Energy Emperors. The event received rave reviews for the quality of installation, combining Squiffy lighting, lasers, and visuals by <tesseract>.

Gatecrasher Saturday 1st December 2001
A huge music event at Homebush, with video installations in every room. The event was the first in Sydney to feature a full lineup of video artists in multiple spaces, rostered in sets in each of the five spaces. <tesseract> performed five sets over twenty hours, alongside other acts including Aleph-one, MoRpH, cicada, tonescope, eye-fi. Thanks to Bent McRent for awesome assistance, and to Eyebyte for organising the production.

Solid Gold Saturday 17th November 2001
Clan Analogue Launch of the new CD Solid Gold, featured a lineup of video artists from the vidi-yo nexus and friends.

Freedom Saturday 3rd November 2001
The theme for this event was "superheroes and supervillains" so we set up a rostrum table with comic strips, and mixed in the stop motion animation which was being created live throughout the night by punters with scissors. This party was a fundraiser fpr Amnesty International. "The Freedom Party is very much a visual event - decor, lighting, live improvised projections...we do our best to creatively raise awareness; playing with the boundaries between eye-candy and activist art..."

Earthdance 13th & 14th October 2001
Themed visual performance and installation for a Global Peace event, which is famous around the world - the event is held simultaneously in over a hundred cities around the world, and a global "prayer for peace" is played at midnight GMT. <tesseract>designed a three-projector installation using projectors contributed by Zopf, and jammed with audiovisualeyezers during the show. Thank you to Roland Zopf, and audiovisualeyezers for visual support and video footage, which was later edited into a short documentary about the event.

Stealth Video Ninja Fri 12th & 19th October 2001
Mobile Guerilla Video Projections to confront, inform, raise eyebrows... scheduled to coincide with the dLux Media Arts TILT program. More info about Stealth Video Ninja.

Electrofringe - Newcastle 27th September - 1st October
A full program of visual projects by and the vidi-yo nexus.
Projects included a workshop space, technical workshops, live video performance showcase, a site specific installation, and the automatic documentary. This program was coordinated Cindi Drennan via the vidi-yo network. About ten workshops were held, including hardware modification, using flash for making video, plus guest sessions by Vicki Bennett and Lalila. The site specific installation "Lumiere Concrete" was successfully presented in a small park between the two main venues, featuring animation of people walking up and down a demolished stairway.

UVNation Friday 21st September 2001
Themed VJ performance for a Planet Hollywood Dance Party. This venue had over twenty projectors and monitors installed in-house - meaning everywhere you looked, you could see groovy images.

Abiku - Katoomba Friday 7th September 2001
Live Visuals to accompany mountain bred audio acts.

The Reception Saturday 28th July 2001
Full live visual laboratory and experimental screen sculpture installation, for the first event to be held inside the halls of ex-Sega World. The installation featured the <tesseract> "Double Gossamer Helical Screen" suspended six metres above a crowd of 1500 people.

Gas Video Residency June - September 2001
<tesseract> organised a winter residency program for VJs to perform live at the Progress club night. Over a three month period, <tesseract> and half a dozen guest VJs (many members of the vidi-yo nexus) performed sets at the Progress club at GAS.

T-Quest June 2001
Most memorable for the opportunity to project surreal scapes and colours onto a life-size pegasus, as part of the installation for the best little trance party. Held in a small club in Bondi Junction, where many old friends showed up.

Revolution 69, Psydykelic, Stonewall Awards June 2001
Audiovisual support and live visuals as part of events relating to Stonewall Pride Week. The three events were: Psydykelic - a trance event to raise funds for Twenty10; The Stonewall Pride Awards night; Revolution 69 - a gay pride party at City Live, featuring choregraphed live dance performance to celebrate 25 years since the Stonewall riots.

Yak Secret Technology April - June 2001
<tesseract> travelled as part of a touring troupe of electronica acts known as Yak Secret Technology. The group travelled to various places in the Eastern States, from Melbourne up to Brisbane, touring in a magic school bus called Zahir. Adventures are documented online at www.yaksecrets.com

Freaky Loops 2k01 Sunday 25th March 2001
When <tesseract> were invited to play we couldn't resist - despite the fact that we were on research hiatus! Freaky Loops brought together the best live electronic acts from Sydney and Australia in a fabulous celebration of community spirit. Tesseract coordinated an all day multi-artist video symphony amongst friends including Jean Poole, Area Not Arena, Chris Lange, and members of the vidi-yo nexus.

Boiler Room VJs - Big Day Out 2001 Friday 26th January 2001
<tesseract> contributed to the VJ line up of the day, performing with DJ Greg Churchill from 12:30 - 1:15 in the Boiler Room. Our performance included special themed animations of our new character, Malice. Other VJs included Tim Gruchy, Aleph One, James Hancock, Cicada. Thanks also to artist Techa Noble for her animations of Malice.

Reel Music Stage (Festival Fringe and Big Day Out) January 23rd and 26th
improvisational audiovisual experience - Collaboration between <tesseract> and many Sydney musicians and viewsicians to create a full day of improvised music and complimentary images for a synchronisation of expression. Some of the images created for Michele Morgan's sets have been remixed many times since the Reel Music Stage show. The audience enjoyed comfy couches and an intimate space, where artists experimented with different genres to create a new groove thang!!!

Stealth Video Ninja January 19, 20, 27
Collaboration between <tesseract>, cicada, spanky and area not arena to take experimental video and unexposed activist info to the streets of sydney via random guerilla video raids. Locations included Australia Square, Circular Quay and Starbucks on Park Street. www.stealtvideoninja.com