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2001: A Bush Odyssey 30th & 31st December 2000
Collaboration between <tesseract>and liquid labrynth crew to create a convergence of pixels and moonbeams, in beautiful bushlands.... A three-day new years adventure with Liquid Labyrinth (Free to Be Me, Life, the Universe and Everything NYE 99/00). It was held in a lush forest location 2.5 hrs from Sydney. Our NYE installation incorporated two paired projectors and a special 2001 themed countdown sequence with new audio by the Professor.

Video Combustion - The Prototype Wednesday 27th December 2000
A video collage experiment organised by <tesseract> and friends, held at the Newtown Theatre. Audiovisual installation, ambient music, and a veritable gang of viewisicans including cicada, eyefi, area not arena, 4th dimension, eyebyte, mcrent and many many more (thanks all!). Hugely satisfying, the event combined the work of many acts together into a collage, attempting to develop new ways of working between the group, and new ways of seeing, for the audience.

Advent*jah Saturday 2nd December 2000
Brisbane RNA Showgrounds, 8000 attendees and many international acts. www.adventjah.com.au. Awesome visual infrastructure was organised by Mu Magic Media, who brought us up to perform alongside a whole troupe of talented Brissy VJs that he nurtures.

Ju Ju Space Jazz Launch Friday 17th November 2000
The Launch of "intersound", the bands new album, was documented during live performance at Metro by four <tesseract> crew, to be compiled into a video release on VHS and DVD.

Independent Filmmakers magazine - awards night Tuesday 14th November 2000
<tesseract> performed live following the IF awards ceremony at Wharf 8, Pyrmont.

Crystal Eyes Saturday 11th November 2000
A full moon outdoor event, at which we installed two purpose built "Winged Eye Screens" - stetched and curved triangles, with themed projections. Either side of the teepee, the screens looked like glowing crystal eyes.

Electronic Friday 10th November 2000
Clan Analogue event at the Manning Bar, featuring b(if)tek, atone, deep child, disco stu, sub bass snarl, ding, and the 5000 fingers of Dr T.

Freedom 2000 Saturday 21st October 2000
An amnesty international fundraising event at the Metro, at which <tesseract> performed live utilising the full video lab in a nine hour live performance, jamming to Pocket, Infusion, DJs Biz E and Ken Cloud. Our special guests were Area Not Arena, AJ from Melbourne and McRent's Brian Murray.

Electrofringe October 5th - 9th 2000
Independent Electronic Arts Festival held in Newcastle. <tesseract> provided the video lab & workshops, in addition to coordinating the VJ lineup at events. More information at www.projectroom.com/ef2k

Swarm sequence Saturday 23rd September 2000
Having not had enough punishment the FIRST time around, <tesseract> actually went back for more. This time somewhat different vibe down in the chill space near the bar, playing with video feedback and crazy cutups of lampshades. Happened to have some funky footage of Dan Conway walking with us on the reconciliation march across the harbour bridge (which had happened just the week before) and were delighted to surprise him and the audience with this footage.

Swarm sequence Saturday 19th August 2000
A bangin' style techno event organised by Vic, at the now infamous 61 Regent Street. Imagine black walls, strobes, pounding beats, dripping sweat, and two VJs thrashing to the beat all night long. Surprisingly, one of our best early recorded sets - possibly due to sensory deprivation! The party was still going at 9am in the morning... we weren't. The VJs had dropped to sleep across gear by about 7:30 am, woke up later and bumped out. Talk about dedication.

Yak Butter Saturday 29th July 2000
An extraordinary party combining the talents of many artists to raise funds for the free tibet campaign. Memorable for ender's use of a 4x5 matrix switcher, and the red fluffy allure of wicked video feedback.... This party was organised by Rick Bull (Deep Child) and Breanne Squires who later went on to organise the Yak Secret Technology Tour. Yak Butter was held in 61 Regent Street (which was getting a little tired by this time) and was crowded with PNAU fans who pulled down our screen installations during Sam Littlemore's set. The disrespect! We were joined by VJs morph and Cicada.

Bug Records Saturday 22nd July 2000
The Launch of Bug Record's second release was held at Scissor Paper Rock. For the surveillance theme we combined new cyberview animations with roving spy cameras, a tesseract spy story and some fun insect cut ups by guest vj Cicada. Lots of fun to be had with the LED panel set up by Nick who blitted stange messages throughout the night.... this was also incorporated into the video set.

Cafe the Lounge Sunday 25th June 2000
Just a little friend's party at a cosy bar just round the corner from our warehouse space in Surry Hills. More like your standard put it on play and run away eyecandy, so Cindi could have a drink with friends for a change.

High Rise Saturday 27th May 2000
A multi-level warehouse party hosted by Projectroom and friends. We knew that the days in our warehouse were numbered so it was time to celebrate the time we had... and the place became packed with people keen to hear and see what it was all about. Lots of friends came to DJ and jam. The <tesseract> video lab was on level one with 2 screens Cindi debuted a wearable wearable TV frock.

Free2BMe 4 *back to the garden* May 5th, 6th 2000
A Bush Party extravaganza by Liquid Labrynth and friends, to celebrate the planetary conjunction. <tesseract> set up a full video lab in a disused water tower, and jammed live all night with other Sydney artists Area not Arena, MoRpH, and Cicada in the next level of live video collaboration. Video feed went to a vertical screen of two projectors in 180 degree rotation. The video lab was a hugely memorable success and all the VJs were keen to repeat the mayhem.

Full Circle 2 Saturday 1st April 2000
Full Circle Revisited... two rooms of grinding beats, chill zone, wild performances, mind bending projections, total sound, dominating props and encapsulating decor.

* scissor * paper * rock 4th - 25th March
The launch of HYPERVISION at the club, featuring 4 weeks of <tesseract> live visuals and interactive play for punters.

Zero Friday 25th February 2000
A clan analogue dance party to launch the new Nerve Agent CD, plus: B(if)Tek, Disco Stu, 5000 fingers of Dr T; jammin' live video art by <tesseract> & James Hancock.

Clan Analogue Road Movie Tour 9th to 15th Feb 2000
Various artists from the clan analogue collective travelled to Queensland to perform and meet our tanned northern friends. Music by 5000 fingers of Dr T, Azure, Carrier, The Flow, Terra Nine, Loon X-Wing.Solo, DJs Psychic & Batfreak... with jammin' live viz by <tesseract> and MoRpH.

Life, the Universe and Everything Dec 31st 1999 to 1st Jan 2000
Started the new year doing what we love best, playing live at a Liquid Labrynth party held in lush forest. Highlights were the 1000 second countdown to midnight 2000, followed by a fake CNN video report we'd secretly prepared... with reports of Y2K bug silliness and aliens landing. It was definitely the best way we could have spent our millenium evening!