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Glenworth Valley Festival Tuesday 28th December 1999
Glenworth Valley was an outdoor camping event in a fertile rainforest valley, that brought together musos, artists, and performers from around the globe. <tesseract> were there to present visuals in the trance area but heavy rains prevented performers from reaching the trance teepee village across the river. We were there anyway so a bit of guerilla projection livened up the event during random electronica sets.

Caffeine Frankincence and Myrrh Friday 24th December 1999
A cool Yule at Cafe Well Connected in Glebe, organised by Rick Bull (Deep Child). <tesseract> contributed video visuals, slides and an overhead projector for friends to play on, whilst clan analogue DJs and other musicians created a festive vibe.

Zivo Extreme Friday 26th November 1999
A corporate party with entertainment provided by the Rainbow Circus - a troupe of acrobats, performers, firedancers and snake charmers. Perched on a ledge 4 metres above ground <tesseract> mixed live video of the entertainers into our own montage.

Freaky Loops 99 Saturday 30th October 1999
Seven rooms with over 50 DJs and live acts.
went live with 2 fairlight CVI's, two PCs, and a truckload of other toys. <tesseract> visuals featuring entirely new material created especially for the event, including the debut of the triangles at 3am.

Nova Friday 1st October 1999
Liquid Labrynth crew presented their mind-bending decor and acts including Ju Ju Space Jazz, Ramantra (melbourne) and Warmf. Our visuals were piped to every nook on over 30 monitors.

Quad Friday 18th June 1999
Clan Analogue, 2SER, and 3D World at the Harbourside Brasserie, Kings Cross. Featuring Disco Stu, 5000 fingers of Dr T, and Sub Bass Snarl.

Full Circle Saturday 12th June 1999
Dance Party event featuring DJ Psychaos and Terra Nine at the Wentworth Building, Sydney University. We prepared some fun images incorporating crop circles and mixed up a storm using the recently acquired Fairlight CVI.

Overload Friday 26th February 1999
A Clan Analogue event. <tesseract> images and mixes brightened the main stage, and slides collaged by the Image Byte Kid filled the Wentworth building with projected circuitry images. A very funky night by the clan crew.

Undercircuit Thursday 25th February 1999
<tesseract> performed at the first Undercircuit event for 1999, held at the E.M.U. cafe in Enmore. This was one of a series of small events organised by Dalia Progli.

Blue Funk Friday 22nd January 1999
<tesseract> supplied the visual installation - a full wall back projection - at the Clan Analogue launch of Jaunt II and Telemetry Orchestra's latest CD. This show was held at the now demolished Rooftop club, renown for its firetrap staircase and murals. The rear projected screen made an amazing secret VIP area, and we actually had a lot of fun creating "shadow visuals" - messing about with props and shadow puppets during the night. We'd also prepared some special new animations for this including the "what the d is doof" and "don't forbid" animations.