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Free to be Me II Saturday 14th November 1998
A Liquid Labrynth event held in forest land west of Gosford. <tesseract> supplied custom created animation sequences and collaborated in the creation of a deep forest installation.

On Wednesday 28th October 1998
A small event which was part of the Newtown Festival, supported by Justin as VJ, held at the Globe in Newtown.

Implosion Friday 23rd October 1998
The final event to be held at the Manning bar before demolition was hosted by the Clan Analogue collective. <tesseract> supported the event with live visuals prepared especially for the event, featuring animation and clips of building demolitions and explosions.

EMU cafe Saturday 10th October 1998
This internet cafe in Sydney's inner west invited us to perform at their contribution to the Newtown Festival's opening night of Walking The Streets, an annual arts event.

Freaky Loops '98 Saturday 12th September 1998
2SER held their final fundraising music and dance event to a huge crowd of over 4,000 people. <tesseract> supported the event as VJ's in one of the main dance areas, with custom created animations "loopies" and "flutes" and new live visual effects. It was an exciting night that many artists fondly remember. Our thanks to Luke and Seb of Sub Bass Snarl for their great work.

Affinity Saturday 27th June 1998
The Newtown council organised a party to promote and fund reconciliation in the local area, and <tesseract> collaborated with Liquid Labrynth and others to create a full scale rainforest installation inside the heritage St George theatre on King Street in Newtown. Special multidimensional screens were purpose built for this event, and multiple visual sources projected on the screens and walls of the space. Emile Rasheed (Area Not Arena) projected with us, and slides were projected by Peter Howard.

Fractalite Fantasia Saturday 11th April 1998
An Easter dance festival held in the Wollemi region, north of Sydney. Visuals were projected onto native bushland for subtle effects. Liquid Labyrinth organised this event and erected several sculptures and a huge pyramid as performance space.

Triptical Brainforest Saturday 31st January 1998
This successful Liquid Labrynth underground dance party was held in a lush valley south of Sydney. <tesseract> set up a projection dome with hammocks for viewing one side of the screen, and a massive dance area on the other. A beautiful summer night and excellent music, and friendly camping grounds made it a very memorable experience.