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Freaky Loops 3 Saturday 13th December 1997
A fundraiser event for 2SER community radio station, with over 2,000 people attending. performed in a small cinema space with music by the Clan Analogue collective.

Masters of Interactive Multimedia Launch Thursday 4th December 1997
A corporate presentation supported by live visuals and multimedia performance, at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Seven degrees of Freedom (7DOF) Thursday 20th November 1997
A collection of Sydney electronic musicians performed at the Palladium, supported by Justin as VJ with a single tesser screen.

Free to be Me Tuesday 21st October 1997
This warehouse doof of over three levels of highly decorated fantasy installations and Sydney electronic music was held in a fire damaged warehouse in Redfern. The venue was massive and the amount of effort in setting it up absolutely phenomenal. The visual installation was constructed in the basement, the darkest space - due to soot which was a real equipment hazard!

Extra Crunch Wednesday 8th October 1997
Clan Analogue ran a series of Thursday nights music and performance at Sublime, a small inner city nightclub, which we supported with visuals on back projected screen and house monitors

Art Rage W.A. August
Supplied visuals for a techno opera in Perth as part of the closing performance, at the Artrage Youth Arts festival.

Freaky Loops 2 Saturday 5th July 1997
Freaky Loops 2 was a fund raiser for the community radio station, 2SER-FM. It was attended by about 1500 people and was a very successful night thanks to the support of all the artists who performed for free. Justin & Cindi supported Clan Analogue in one of the six rooms.

Imagickana Saturday 21st June 1997
This was a bush doof about 100km out of Sydney, where several dance music collectives created a cyber-tribal gathering. Incredible structures, electronic music, banners and colourful people were a feast for the eyes and ears. This winter solstic gathering was also the occasion of the first public video performance by the Tesseract kids (before they even had their name). Justin was looking for the opportunity to play, and it happened that when a video deck planned to play movies, failed, Justin got his chance to perform, using equipment that he'd brought along - just in case. It was just the beginning....